Peter D. Gordon & Associates List of Significant Cases


Representing a minority shareholder in a corporate opportunity case involving a 400-unit condominium development near San Diego, secured a Judgment of $9.8M against the fraudulent majority officers and directors of the corporate development entity following a 2-month long trial.


In a Breach of Fiduciary case against the stepmother of 3-Cuban brothers, set aside the fraudulent transfer of a 2-large commercial properties valued at $1.5 million dollars and obtained an additional monetary award of $1.5m dollars with 800k in punitive damages.


In a construction defect case concerning structural supports for the basement of an 8-unit apartment building, obtained a Construction Defect, Breach of Warranty award against the contractor of $550,000.


In connection with the investment by a Korean church group into a future subdivision land development near Ensenada, Mexico, despite the clients’ delayed filing suit for more than 6-years after the cash investments, obtained a refund from the American developer of 80% of the funds deposited.


With respect to a Specific Performance case for a small 4-unit complex near downtown Los Angeles, secured a Summary Judgment denying the Plaintiff’s Specific Performance claim along with expunging their Lis Pendens claim resulting in the award of attorneys fees.


Set aside a fraudulently obtained Default Dissolution of a marriage 25-years ago, originating in Poland, in order to secure spousal support for our client’s mother, who was hospitalized in a mental hospital, and secured rights to a lakeside property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars by the bigamist husband, based on fraudulent service of papers in violation of Geneva Convention requirements.

Client Recommendations

Our experience with Mr. Gordon and his office has been nothing but exemplary – he is professional, caring, attentive, assertive, and his actions have exceeded our expectations. There is a great comfort in knowing that an attorney will actually listen to concerns then follow it up with righteous actions based on a genuine care for the person sitting in front of him. I cannot recommend his services enough. After speaking with a few offices regarding an issue, I knew that this was the only place that would actually provide results.

Araz B

I called Peter to explore getting legal help on an issue with my HOA. He was very friendly, informative, objective and honest about my situation in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of my case. He provided a very rough initial estimate of the costs and process. He also provided me with guidance on next steps as I make my decision on whether to pursue legal action. If I decide to hire an attorney, Peter would be at the top of my list given his strong knowledge, experience, professionalism, and fair prices.

Khoi H

Peter Gordon is a pleasure to work with: honest, straight forward, low key and knowledgable. When selling my house in his neighborhood I asked Peter to review and explain the contract and other real estate documents to me. I really appreciated Peter’s down to earth approach. He got right down to business and we moved through my documents very efficiently. However, Peter did not miss pointing out a number of details I need to attend to as I move towards closing … these are items I would probably not been on top of had I not had Peter helping me. I will definitely use Peter’s services in the future and am recommending him to several of my friends.

Julia I

I retained Peter in 2016 to help defend a real estate lawsuit against my firm. The plaintiff was demanding a $150K settlement and court litigation with a jury if we did not pay the full amount. Their attorney was extremely aggressive and demanding throughout the process, however Peter offered sound advice and strong counterattacks along the way. In the end, he negotiated down to a mere $6K settlement after many rounds of defeating blows to the plaintiffs. I would highly recommend him.

Scott R

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